Struggling to find time for you?

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Published: Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Written by Sarah PJ White

Whether you’re a work-at-home mum or busy full time parent, one of the biggest issues you’ll have is finding time for you. We spend so much time juggling our work and family commitments, there’s not much time left for us… so how do you ensure you find time for yourself?

Being there for everyone else

stressed womanWe all like to be the best person we can be and –whether we’re looking at our business or personal lives – this usually involves becoming known as the ‘go to’ person. We WANT to be helpful and we WANT to be needed. The problem is though, by being there for everyone else, we’re seldom left with time for ourselves.

Why taking time out for you will help others too

But in order to be the best we can be AND in order to be there and best serve others – we NEED to take time out for ourselves. You cannot help anyone else if you’re tired, frazzled and hanging onto your last nerve.

So, if your main reason for not taking personal time is that you see it as a ‘selfish’ thing – then think again. By taking the necessary time you need to recharge your batteries and calm or centre yourself, you’re actually putting yourself in a BETTER position to help others – as you’ll be more alert, fresher and healthy enough (physically and mentally) to help others out.

Recharging your batteries

Build regular time into your schedule to recharge your batteries. You may be thinking that you couldn’t possibly schedule in a large amount of time – but you DON’T need to.

Sometimes, you just have to say ‘no’ to certain requests, in order to give yourself the time needed to recharge your batteries. Maybe you could find a regular 15 minute slot in your day to sit and do nothing. When was the last time you had a free evening to do as you saw fit? If you have small children, when was the last time you allowed yourself time to have a candlelit bubble bath?

You see, often the issue ISN’T having the time to recharge your batteries… it’s more an issue of ALLOWING yourself the time to do it. We feel guilty for spending our valuable time on ourselves – especially if we feel that we could be using that time to help others. But it IS our time to do as we see fit… so drop the guilt and start giving yourself permission!

What do you do to ensure you have time for yourself? What have you found to be the best way for you to relax? Why not share your tips and advice in the comments box below.

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New Year New You January Offers

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Published: Tuesday, 06 January 2015
Written by Andrea Detchon

Hello Lovelies It's January and I'm so excited to work with you. It's also time for January Offers.


The Joyful Journey is only £69 before 11th January and we are starting THIS WEEK ! Get booked on before you miss out.

Therapy and Coaching sessions for Janaury are £250 when booked as a block of 5. Saving £50

Yoga 1:1 bundle of 6 sessions for £300 which is buy 5 get one free.


Make January this year, your best January ever !


Party time?

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Published: Tuesday, 15 July 2014
Written by Andrea Detchon


The Joy Scientist working to make you more joyful and happy in your lifeThis week's affirmation: Celebrating life enhances my experience

How did you get on with my little challenge from last week of looking where you were judging things.

I'm feeling positive, if a little tired still, after the interesting times I've been having. I love being happy and positive, but I know that for myself, the way I know I am happy and positive is because I have some comparison.
In my not so distant past, I have judged, been negative, talked people down, sneered and laughed and sometimes been a bit of a bitch.

What? really? no! I can't believe it Andrea, you're such a nice lovely positive person. Well, it's true and it's OK. It's all part of who I am and who I am yet to become.

I see life as a journey and sometimes the road needs resurfacing. Sometimes, it's smooth sailing as you glide along ( me on roller boots rather than a boat!) But it's all life, and it's all part of the journey.

Often we want to understand what is going on and why things happen, and often when we think we know what is happening, a wild card or curve ball gets us and knocks us down. Do you have padded trousers on today?? Hee hee.

When I'm feeling down, I listen to why I feel down and try as best to accept it. I am who I am and some days I'll be a miserable old cow, and others be bouncing and cheerful.

Having been up and down and where I am now, I realise its all transitional, and the most confusing things that happen, just defy explanation. Maybe the universe knows what it's doing, maybe it doesn't. Maybe everything is just about muddling through.

If you ever think about giving up, don't. Just take a breather - a short rest at the side of the path. Take in some sights. Hang around for a bit. Only get going again when you are ready. There's plenty to see wherever you find yourself.

I'm off out into the garden now, as there are some nettles and brambles that need pulling up and stamping on. The nettles round our way are like ninjas, they can get you through gloves and then when you least expect it they attack your arms and legs.

Still the fact that they grow means I have good soil. Even though this isn't great for my numb fingers !

Before I ramble too much more and put you all to sleep I'm going to call it a day. Remember, life is a journey, of ups and downs and roundabouts. Enjoy the roller coaster ride, and take a breather when you need it. I'm always cheering you on to do whatever you want. Take care of yourself.

Have a great week, and I'll be around soon with some exciting news and an opportunity not to be missed.

Have a happy week.

Keep Smiling !


Andrea (The Joy Scientist)

Happiness and holidays

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Published: Monday, 06 October 2014
Written by Andrea Detchon

This week's affirmation: My family bring me happiness

So, it's been a little while, I've been to my sisters wedding and had holiday time with my family. An unusual but interesting situation to find myself in.
As an observer now, I can see much more of the interactions of the family relationships.
I don't get so caught up in the dramas.

So I only stumbled once during the actual wedding and managed to get through being a good bridesmaid. The party was brilliant and I danced all night!

I missed my cats when I was away although they were expertly looked after by a friend of mine. They were happy to see me, but not in a huff, which I am pleased about!

I was actually excited to come back from holiday and start working again. Its a totally new sensation for me, I didn't have any Monday Blues, or Morning Moaning. I got up at 6am and was happy.

I feel so blessed that I've been brave enough to put my energy into this new life of mine and see that it actually is working. And it makes me even more keen to work with others, who need help, finding recognising, discovering what makes them happy. What would get them excited to go somewhere on a Monday morning.

May the Discounts be With You!

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Published: Friday, 30 May 2014
Written by Andrea Detchon


Hello All,

I've been working behind the scenes and hope you've been getting the newsletters to keep you updated. If not and you want to just click here and fill in your email details.

The exciting news is that I have got a great discount for my friends and followers and yoga students with Asquith clothing. You can find their fabulous range of clothing by clicking here and using the code JOYSCIENTIST15 at the checkout. I love my Aquith clothing and really enjoy wearing them for my yoga classes. They are comfortable and beautiful. So, if you are looking for some wonderful new clothes for exercise or just relaxing round your home. Check out their range and remember the discount code.

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