How grounded are you?

Category: Article or Blog Published: Thursday, 28 May 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

If you practice reiki or some other form of energy work, you’ll have heard the importance of protection and keeping yourself grounded. Whether you’re an energy healer or not though, it’s really important that you ground yourself… to protect yourself from the negative effects of everyday life.

There’s intense energies rushing around us at all times. As energy healers know, this energy (called ‘chi’or 'ki') is the life force for everything – good-bad, heavy-light, light-dark.

How others can drain you

Have you ever been around someone who seems to just suck the life out of you? How about someone who is constantly moaning? How about someone who is constantly hyper and jittery? How do these types of people make you feel? Energies from other people can feel heavy and intense, especially if they’re feeling negative emotions such as pain, guilt, suffering, anger and upset.

We can often feel the energy given off by those people around us and, if you don’t adequately protect and ground yourself, you’ll end up feeling drained and exhausted, for no apparent reason.

Why ground yourself?

Put simply, grounding yourself is the act of making yourself fully present in the here and now, connected you to Mother Earth. Grounding yourself is essential if you want to minimise the negative effects of the energies around you.

Symptoms of not being grounded

When you’re not grounded you’ll feel varying symptoms, including some (or all!) of the following:

  • Feeling lost
  • Feeling slightly off kilter or ‘floaty’
  • Unsure of yourself
  • Forgetful and vacant
  • No flow of energy
  • Ears buzzing
  • Drained
  • Emotionally exhausted
  • Spaced out
  • Off balance

How to ground yourself

There is an easy visualisation you can do to ground and protect yourself:

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  • Imagine a white ball of light, approximately 6 inches above your head (it’s going to go through your centre AND around the outside of you).
  • Imagine that light getting bigger and brighter, as it comes down over your head and shoulders, as well as going down through the centre of your body.
  • Allow it to work down over the outside of your entire body, forming an egg shape around you and, simultaneously, imagine the light going through your centre, going down each leg and foot and through to the ground, as tree roots of a mighty tree.
  • It continues going into the ground, through the dirt, rock and down into a crystalline cave at the centre of the earth.
  • It weaves through the rocks and crystals in this cave, holding fast with its many roots.

If you want a superfast way to ground yourself, take a walk barefoot in the grass or sit on the grass with your back against a tree.

Tips to remember

When it comes to energy, the best thing you can do for yourself is to not get hooked up on other people’s drama in the first place – whether real or on the TV! If you have to go into negative and heavy situations, wait until you are adequately protected and grounded – and always approach them from a view of love. Finally, stop watching and reading the news, as it’ll depress you, make your energy heavy and keep you in a state of fear – if it’s important for you to know, you’ll hear about it!


How do you ground yourself? Do you regularly find other people drag you down or leave you feeling drained? How did you find the grounding and protection technique? Why not share your thoughts on grounding in the facebook group!

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