Look to nature!

Category: Article or Blog Published: Tuesday, 26 May 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

The world can be such a busy place. We’re all rushing around – often from the minute we wake up each morning. There’s the journey from home to work (and back again!), taking the children to and from school, shopping, housework and that’s before we even start talking about our actual paid employment. We often eat on the move and do everything whilst set in ‘fast forward’ mode... is it any wonder we struggle to unwind?

look to natureNature, on the other hand, has it all sorted out. It provides us with beauty and shows us how flow should be – from the gentle trickling stream to rustling of the trees – plus it gives us examples of effortless, strength and time. So what else can we learn from nature?

The benefits of getting back to nature

You could argue that you go outside a lot, with trips to the shop, work etc. etc., but when was the last time you went outside – just to BE? Whether you need space to unwind or to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, spending time with nature is good for your health and your soul.

It’s been scientifically proven that spending time outside can ease depression, lift your mood and general outlook. Spending time in nature will also help you focus AND help boost your immune system – without reaching for the medicine cabinet!

Nature for relaxation

Alternative therapists know it, as do yoga instructors, spas and energy healers – the sounds of nature are great for relaxation! Take time out of your day to just go outside and listen. Even if you’re in a town, listen for nature. You have the trees, birds and possibly even water and, if you can’t get outside – bring the outside in! Invest in a couple of nature sound CDs and play them during your work day, to keep you relaxed and focused.

Nature is inspiring

Whether you’re a creative person or more logical based, nature can be inspiring. It provides us with a palette of beautiful colours, shows us how easy growth and change can be and can clear an over-cluttered mind.

Nature teaches us about time. When we’re busy rushing to and fro, trying to do several things at once, nature effortlessly changes her seasons, encourages new shoots to push through that top layer of soil and gently moves forward. No matter how much we want spring and summer to get here, it will happen when it happens – no pushing, rushing or stress needed.

Being in nature can help even the most logic-based person to focus. Add this to the already numerous benefits and, as is often stated – why not go outside and blow away those cobwebs!

How do you interact with nature? Do you take regular time outs to get reacquainted with nature? What do you love most about being outside? Do you prefer to relax to the sound of water, birds or rustling trees? Why not do something today to get you reconnected with nature!

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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