The benefits of spinal twists

Category: Article or Blog Published: Tuesday, 21 April 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

The benefits of yoga are numerous, both in terms of health and general fitness. Each movement, stretch and pose is designed to improve specific groups of muscles and/or joints. There are however, specific benefits that can be gained from twisting yoga poses… including those spinal twists.

Waist, abdomen and back

Your oblique (or waist) muscles, abdominal and lower back muscles can all get stiff, often resulting in lower back pain and stiff joints. Spinal twists will help relax and stretch these muscles, resulting in less pain and increased flexibility.

Better posture

The problem with modern life is we spend so much time just standing and/or sitting – at work, home and whilst travelling or commuting – often staying in awkward or uncomfortable positions.

Yoga has long been known to improve your overall posture, however spinal twists will really help, as they relax and stretch those back muscles. Spinal twists also gently rotate every vertebrae in your spine, leading to better mobility and helping to cure non-specific back aches and pains. Not only that, but spinal twists also work those abdominal and oblique muscles – leaving you with a flatter stomach and a stronger core.

Internal organs

spinal twists and yogaSpinal twists can help release tension in your internal organs too? How? Well not only will they help relieve bloating and digestive problems, they also help eliminate the toxins and waste products stored in organs such as your kidney, spleen, liver and pancreas. Yoga stretches such as spinal twists all help the flow of oxygenated blood around your body, ensuring your internal and external health is improved as a result of your efforts.

Tension and stress relief

Whether you’re a yoga novice or pro, you cannot fail to miss the overall benefits spinal twists (and yoga generally) provides. It is especially good for those suffering from stress and tension, as it relaxes every part of your body and gives you space and time to switch off mentally and emotionally too.

Spinal twists especially, encourage your chest, shoulder and arm muscles to relax and, combine this with the overall slow, controlled breathing, you’re onto a sure-fire stress and tension buster!

If you want to really help your flexibility, look to twist slightly more each session. The secret however, to increasing the results you get from spinal twists, is to hold the poses slightly longer, each time you do them. So, why not see how long you can hold your yoga twists for, and gain all the benefits you can from those spinal twists!

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